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When you save a training program to a contact, you get the option to sign it. Signing a training program means you completely lock it in for changes both for yourself and other instructors in your organization. 🔒
How to sign a training program
When you save a training program to a contact:
  1. Select "Show more"
  2. Tick "Sign"
When integrating to the journal system
If your organization has integration with a journal system, it is recommended to make the "Sign" button even clearer (see how an administrator makes it visible further down in the article). The button will then appear next to the training program title and can be easily used to save. If the integration has a training session export function, the program will be exported back to the selected contact in the journal system.
The status of the button
If the button is active, it means that the program can be signed and exported to the journal. If you open an already signed program, you will notice that the button is inactive. As soon as you make changes to the program, the button becomes active again and you can press it to save and export a new version of the program to the journal.
The training program that is signed is illustrated with a lock in the training library:
How to sign a program that has not been signed before:
a) If the organization has made the signing feature visible, the signing button will appear next to the program title. Just click the button to complete the signing.
b) If the sign button is not visible next to the program title:
  1. Press "i" next to the program title
  2. Click on "Sign".
Make "SIGNER" visible to the entire organization
If the organization uses a connection to a journal, it is recommended to make the "Sign" button more visible to all users.
As an administrator, you can enable this:
Click on the "Admin" tab
Navigate to "Main Application".
Check the box that says "Highlight Signer personal program'".
Remember to press "Save" at the top of the page to save the changes.
Now the "Sign" button will appear next to the program title, which contributes to increased clarity for the entire organization.
The administrator can also define an automatic signing of all training programs. See how here.