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Go to the "Program" tab in ExorLive. Create a new program by touching "Create New" in the menu below.


Find the exercises you want by using free text search, filter search or a combination of these. Drag the exercise over to the left field or just tap the + icon, when mousing over the exercise.


If you want to use pre-made programs/templates, it is possible to search for these.
You can also use pre-made programs that you find in the column next to the exercises.
Once you've found the exercises you want to use, you can adjust the order and exercise details. Read how to adjust the exercises here.

When the program is finished, save it by pressing "save as ...".

Add your own image to the exercise program

Once you have saved the program you can choose to add your own image to the training program. Click on the information (i) icon in the title bar, then on the image attached to the program. Select "Upload Image" and select the desired image. Press "x" to exit the dialog box and click “Save”.

image-6.png image-7.png

Translate program

If you wish to save the training program in different languages, click the flag in the upper right and select the desired language. Save the program in the desired language, choose another language and repeat the saving process.