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As an organization administrator, you can activate the required field for birth number so that the instructor does not forget to register the birth number and to avoid registering a contact without a birth number.


This is activated under admin settings.

1. Select the admin tab.

2. Under settings select main application.

3. Check the box Required field for National Security Number as reguired field when creating contact.

4. Save 


When I, as an instructor / admin, am in contact dialogue and press save, a check is made as to whether the birth number is in the correct format. If the format is incorrect, the fields are displayed in red. Allowed in various formats with and without hyphens and periods.



If the birth number already exists in the organization, a duplicate check is performed. You will get a dialog with notification that the birth number already exists, and that you can either cancel and change the birth number or go to the relevant contact who already has the current birth number.