ExorLive AD Integration Single-Sign-On

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For organizations in ExorLive that use AD Integration as signin, follow these steps to create new users in the system.

1. In “Admin”-tab, under “Main Application”, make sure the checkbox "External login system" is checked.


2. Create a new user. Fill in First name, last name and "Client Id". Client Id must be the login id of the user in the external system. This is used to map the user in your system with the ExorLive user.

The email address is optional.

3. Make sure the user in your system is a member of the proper AD group for ExorLive access. Choose the correct role and click on "Save and Close". 

4. Send the user the proper ExorLive login-link to log in to ExorLive with AD Integration. This is a tailored link for this AD Integration access. The link should be provided to you by your local administrator and should be in this format:” https://adfs.exorlive.com/?name=... “

Note! The users must NOT use the normal ExorLive login, since that login requires an ExorLive username/password.