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We at ExorLive want our customers to have the best possible user experience. At the same time, we realize that everyone are different and have different needs. ExorLive lets you customize both the look and the different features for your own use, making the experience even more personal.

As an organizational administrator, you have access to your own "Admin" tab. If you select this, you will see "SETTINGS" in the menu on the left. Here you will find more tabs, where you can customize ExorLive as your wish. 

1. Change logo, name of organisation and contact details

Under "Main Application" you can choose to use the logo for your organization in ExorLive, change your organizations name, email and select language. You can also choose which information should be applicable to contacts in your organization, as well as whether they must consent to allow other users to access programs linked to them. 

Note! The changes you make here will apply to all users in your organization.

1.1 Change logo in ExorLive
Under "Main application, in" SETTINGS "you will see a box with the text" No image "(can also be a picture of a logo). Click the box and select the logo you want to use (Picture 1). Press "UPLOAD PICTURE" (Picture 2). The selected image should now appear in the logo box. Press “Save” to keep the changes. The logo in the left corner of ExorLive is now changed to your chosen logo.

Picture 1.



Picture 2.


1.2 Change organisations name, email and language

1.2.1 Change organisations name
Under "Main Application", in "SETTINGS", you will find a box called "Organization name". Enter the name of your organization and press "Save", above the log box (Picture 3).

1.2.2 Organisations email address
You can also enter the email address that ExorLive can contact you on, by typing in the email address in the "Email address:" box and tick "receive follow-ups via email". Click "Save" above the logo box to save the changes.

1.2.3 Organisations language
You can select the default language for the organization in the drop-down menu and press "Save" above the logo box (Picture 3).


Picture 3.  

Tip! You must reload the page in your browser to see the made changes in name, email and/or language.


3 Organization settings

Allow sharing of workout programs via email
By activating this feature, instructors in your organization will not have the ability to send workout programs via email.

Allow user-created exercises
With the "Allow user exercises" feature, instructors in your organization can create their own exercises. If you do not want to allow user-created exercises, you must uncheck this setting.

Enable "signing" for the entire organization
To make the signing feature for workout programs clearer to instructors in the organization, you can check the box that says "highlight sign personal program". This will make the "sign" button more visible.

Notes during contact follow-up require consent from the contact (we EL GO)
By activating this feature, instructors in your organization will not be able to write notes about their contacts without the contact's consent via ExorLive GO.

Lock for contact switching
By activating this feature, instructors are prevented from being able to switch contacts after they have made a jump from a third-party program with a selected contact.

External login system
By having this feature enabled, instructors will not be able to activate users directly in ExorLive, as this will be controlled by the organization's own AD system.

Strict consent
When "Strict consent requirement" is checked, instructors must confirm the contact's consent before the contact can be opened unless the instructor has flagged the contact as one of theirs. This happens automatically if the instructor has created the contact, and can be done manually in the contact detail dialogue.

Allow instructor to move contacts to other departments
If "Allow instructor to move contacts between different departments" is highlighted, instructors will be able to change a contact's location to another unit/department.

Social security number as a required field when creating a contact
When "mandatory field for social security number" is activated, the social security number field becomes mandatory when contacts are created. This helps instructors avoid registering a contact without a social security number.

Allow search among contacts outside own department
If "Allow search among contacts outside your own department" is activated, instructors have the ability to search for contacts throughout the organization. If it is deactivated, they will only have access to contacts in their own specific department.

Disable invite to contact in EL Go
By activating this feature, instructors in your organization will not have the ability to invite contacts to the workout app ExorLive Go.

Disable which fields an instructor should be able to fill out
By deactivating fields, instructors are prevented from entering information in the specified areas when creating contacts.

2. Print settings

Under "PRINT SETTINGS" you can customize how the printouts (training programs, statistics, etc.) in your organization will look like. Below are the various adjustments that can be made to your printout. 

Note! You can choose whether the changes in print settings should apply to the entire organization, or to a sub-unit, by selecting the desired device in the organization menu.  


Picture 5.

2.1 Print logo
To change print logo, press the "UPLOAD IMAGE" button (Picture 5). Select the image you want to have by double-clicking the image or pressing the image and then 'Open'. Your selected image should now appear in the window next to "Print Logo". 

2.2 Name at the top of the print out
In the drop down menu, you can choose whether to display the organization name, name of the subunit, if you want to hide the text or whether each instructor can decide what should be on top of the printout (Picture 5).

2.3 Made by
Choose whether to show who made the program, on the printout (Picture 5).

2.4 Contact name
Choose whether the name of the contact, to whom the program is linked, should appear on the printout (Picture 5).

2.5 Unit description
In the "Unit description" box, write a short description of your organization/sub-unit. Select whether this should be displayed on the printout, by checking "Show unit description on print" (Picture 5).

2.6 Standard Program description
In the box "Standard Program Description", you can write a brief description of the training program. Choose whether to display this on the printout, by checking "Standard Program Description:" (Picture 5). 

2.7 Watermark
You can select your own watermark, which appears in the left margin, by pressing "UPLOAD IMAGE" at the bottom of the window. Select the image you want to appear by double-clicking the image or selecting the image and then 'Open'. Your selected image should now appear in the window next to "Watermark left margin".

Select whether to display the watermark by checking the "Show Watermark" checkbox. (Picture 5)

2.8 Delete current print settings
If you wish to return to the default print settings, click "Delete Device Settings" at the top of the window.

3. Tabs, Homepage and tags

In the categories "Tabs" and "Homepage" you can choose which tabs to display, at the top of the window, and the home page, respectively, when you're signed in to ExorLive.

In "PROGRAM TAGS" you can change settings to search for exercises with defined keywords, or "tags".

NB: The changes made here will apply to the entire organization, including its sub-units.

3.1 Tabs
In "TABS" you can choose which tabs should be displayed at the top, in the menu, in ExorLive. Check the boxes next to the appropriate tabs to enable/disable them (Picture 6). When you’re done, press "Save" at the top of the window.


Picture 6.

3.2 Homepage
In "HOMEPAGE" you can decide what will appear on the front page when users in your organization log into ExorLive. Check the boxes next to the content you want to appear (Picture 7). The changes take place automatically when you check the boxes and you do not need to save.


Picture 7. 

3.3 Program tags
In “PROGRAM TAGS” you can decide which tags to display in the “Tags” menu under filter when creating exercise program. Tap on the tags you want to be able to choose from. If a tag is activated, you will be able to search for it under filter.


If you do not want to use tags to filter the exercises.

1. Check the box "Add a tag to the search filters". Under the filter, the box tags will disappear.

2. The tags you do not want to get under tags, cross out.