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ExorLive has a flexible user rights system where each person created in the system has assigned one or more roles. The degree of available features (rights) for each person will therefore depend on the roles the person has. An account in ExorLive can therefore accommodate several people with different roles - client/patient profiles, intermediaries, instructors and various administrators.

 The following user roles and their rights are available: 





Contact(without login)

  • None

This is your patient / customer who is only a listing in ExorLive without access to the program itself.

For whom:

Patients/clients who only receive training programs through print/email

Contact with login/ExorLive Go user

Note! Requires the contact to have ExorLive Go

  • Can view their own training program with exercises and exercise data in ExorLive Go.
  • Can record performed activities in ExorLive Go.
  • Can view their registered activities in ExorLive Go.
  • Can view their training plan in ExorLive Go.

Patient/customer who has been invited to use ExorLive Go.

To whom:

Patients/clients using ExorLive Go App.

Read only (intermediaries)

  • Only reading rights, to see contact programs, as well as printing programs and send them by email. 
  • Access to patient programs in other organisational units requires an active choice.

This is a user with login opportunities in ExorLive, who can only view selected contacts and training programs associated with them. The oversight is limited to the organization's subunit where the user is created.

To whom:

E.g. Doctors


  • Can view a contact's training program with exercises and exercise data in ExorLive Assistant.
  • Can record performed activities in ExorLive Assistant.
  • Can view the contact's registered activities in ExorLive Assistant.
  • Can view the contact's training plan in ExorLive Assistant.

 This is a user that can see contacts in the organisation and training programs associated with them. 


To whom:

Helpers, nurses, support contacts, other actors who are intermediaries between those who make training programs and the patient/customer.


  • Create contacts.
  • Create, save and sign training programs on contacts.
  • Create, modify and save program templates.
  • Modify print settings for each single print
  • Archive programs assigned to a contact by the user.
  • Lock information about a program assigned to a contact
  • Create/change plan and activities in contacts plan
  • Print and send programs to email.
  • Invite to use ExorLive Go training app
  • View statistics

A user with the ability to create training programs and share them with his contacts.

To whom:
Therapists, personal trainers, all who are responsible for developing training programs.

Local administrator

Limited to the organization's sub-unit:

  • Create, change and enable/disable users.
  • Assign user roles to other users and specify user placement in an organizational unit.
  • Create and edit sub units in their own unit/organisation
  • Edit program templates.
  • All rights of the role “instructor”

If an organization has multiple subunits, it is possible to create an Administrator user, who is limited to the a specific sub-unit.

To whom:
Middle management, manager of a sub unit, IT personnel of a sub unit, others with administrative/IT responsibilities in a sub-units.

Central administrator

  • Skape, endre og aktivere/inaktivere brukere.
  • Create, change and activate/ disable users.
  • Assign roles to other users, and sort them to their respective organisational units.
  • Delete users and contacts, as well as their associated data.
  • Perform changes affecting all users in an organisation
  • Can make changes to organisational structure 
  • Archive and sign programs saved to contact.
  • View/order reports.
  • Export user list.
  • Unblock a blocked contact
  • All rights of the role “instructor”

User with administrative rights for the whole organisation

To whom:

Middle management, IT-personnel, Middle management, IT-personnel, others with administrative and IT duties in the main organisation.  

Central Main-administrator

  • All rights of a Central Administrator
  • Licence and licence-order management.

Uses administrator rights for the entire organization with the right to handle licenses/orders.

To whom:
Managers, IT managers, others responsible for ordering and managing ExorLive licenses.