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As an athlete wishes, you can get an overview of the training carried out so that you can get an overview of what has been done.

During My Progress:

Rewards.:Display of the total number of trophies for the entire period of use of the app since the start and the number of sessions until the next trophy

History: Under History, completed sessions for a selected period are displayed. For example when a week is selected - sessions selected for this week are displayed, etc

Weekly/Monthly /3 month status: Here you can see what you have done weekly and monthly.

  • The number of sessions performed during a week/month/3 months compared to the average of sessions performed during the same period.
  • Number of active days during a week/month/3 months
  • Number of trophies in a week/month/3 months compared to the average of sessions completed in the same period
  • Display of Trophies



Completed activities
Here you can see what you have trained during the selected time period.
Sessions: List of completed activities with date of completion.
Exercises: List of completed exercises.




Here you can choose to enter an exercise to obtain more information about the performance of that exercise. You can choose to see your progress either in a graph, or in a table.




See training history from earlier

Exercise History is a useful feature that allows exercisers to view their past performance for each exercise in ExorLive GO. This helps practitioners track their progress and become motivated.


1. Open the three-dot menu from the exercise: When you are in an exercise in a training program, you can click on the three-dot menu located in the upper right corner of the specific exercise.

2. Select "View exercise history": In the menu that appears after clicking on the three-dot menu, select the option "View exercise history.

3. View exercise history: Now you will see a list of your past performance for the selected exercise such as weight, repetitions and other relevant details.


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