Add an exercise program to planned activities

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You can plan your workouts ahead of time in ExorLive Go.

Provided this is enabled in the app for your organization. Link to how this is activated here.

How to plan your workouts ahead of time:

  1. Find an exercise program that you want to add to a plan. You can find training programs in different places in the app ex: via my library, explore and the next activity.
  2. Inside the program details, under the tree dot menu, options for "Add program to plan" are displayed.
  3. When you press “Add program to plan” you can select:
      1. Select days per week, these are highlighted when you select a day.
      2. Start date: A calendar will appear.
      3. After x Week (s)
      4. After x Session (s)
      5. Date: A calendar will appear.
      6. Press "Add to my scedule" The training program is laid out in plan with defined parameters.
  4. Your training program is now included in planned activities.


5. When an activity is completed, you will be able to see it on the home screen with a small green checkbox.