Add, replace or remove an exercise in ExorLive Go

When you’re doing a workout through ExorLive Go, you might want to make some changes to the program. On this page, you'll learn how to:

  • Add a new exercise to your program
  • Replace an exercise 
  • Remove an exercise 

If you do any of these changes to your program, they will stay there the next time you open the program as well.


Add an exercise

To add a new exercise to your program, press the three dots that’s in the top right corner of the window. Choose “Add exercise” to search for new exercises to add to your program. 


If you click on an exercise image or the text of an exercise, you can view exercise details (text and video) before choosing whether to add the exercise.

3.png -> mceclip3.png

To add an exercise, press "+" or press "Choose" when inside the preview.


Remove or replace an exercise

When in an workout, click on the “three dots” icon that’s next to the exercise. Then you can either remove or replace the exercise you’ve chosen. 


This will delete the chosen exercise from your program. 


Here, you can search for an exercise, and when you add it, it will replace the exercise you chose.