Sharing training programs to other instructors

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If you have a specific exercise program that you would like to share to another instructor in your organization, there are several ways to share that program. 

First, you will have to make sure the program is visible to the other instructor. Read more about that HERE.

When you've made sure that the program is visible for the other contact, you can share the program directly by first opening the finished program by pressing the "i"-button on the program.


This opens the program in a new tab, and in the middle of the page you can find a shareable link. This link can be copied and sent to anyone who has access to the program, e.g. other instructors in your unit and other instructors in your organization. 




You can also find a link by clicking "Open" when you're in the "Program" tab, to find a list over all your programs. When right-clicking the program you want to share, you get a menu where you can open the program, delete it, or see details about it.


When pressing "Details", you'll see some details about the program, and you can also copy the shareable link from here.