Create new follow-up on the contact

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As an instructor, you have the possibility to create a follow-ups on your contacts. If your contact has access to the training app ExorLive Go, they will be able see the created follow-ups in their app.

Here’s how you create a follow-up:
Click on “Contacts”-tab and find the desired contact in the contact list. Locate the flag-icon(image-0__24_.png), to the right of the contacts name and click on it. You should now see a window with the name “Follow-up”.

Fill out the title, date, time and other info. If you wish your contact to see the follow up in their app, you can check the box named “Agreement”. Click “Save”. The follow-up should now show up in “My follow-ups”.

Check that the follow up is created, by clicking on “My follow-ups”.