Get started with your new exercise app, ExorLive Go

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Welcome to an easier everyday life with workouts and exercises!

Follow these steps to get started with ExorLive Go:


Start by opening your inbox, where you have a message from your instructor. Click on "Activate your account" to begin.



Fill out the fields with preferred user name and password. Click on "Start". Your account is now activated and ready to use. Click "OK"


Download the app from Appstore or GooglePlay. Use your email and password to log in to the application


Start your exercise

These steps show how you begin and finish an exercise programme:

Click on the highlighted program. This is the programme from your instructor. You then get an overview of the exercises in the program. Click on "Start" to begin your exercise.


Press "Start" to start your training. As an exerciser, you can quickly select exercises you've done and tick them off without opening them.



You can find all your programs under my library. My Library view for programs divided into Exercises, Programs, Plans. Option to sort by newest/oldest.


Shared - training programs from instructor

Suggestions - training programs from survey

Favorites - training programs marked as favourites

When pressing e.g. Shared→ only training programs/exercises/plans shared by the instructor are displayed. If you select, for example, shared and Favorite → training programs/exercises/plans from shared and Favorite are displayed.


Click on the play button to watch a video of the exercise. Click on " Next" to continue to next exercise. To return to the previous exercise, press the back button. 





Once you have finished your exercise program you can give feedback to your instructor. How was it? Did it feel good, or did you experience pain? Give your instructor feedback on the exercise, so he/she can be prepared for your next consultation.

Use the emoticons for quick feedback:

  • Happy smiley = Good exercise, no pain.
  • Neutral smiley = mild or moderate pain.
  • Sad smiley = very painful.

You can also elaborate your feedback with comments and click "OK" when finished.