Finding and adding exercises, programs and plans to the calendar

You can easily add exercises, programs and plans directly to your contact’s calendar. Go to “Calendar” and choose a contact. If you already have chosen a contact in “Program”, this contact will still be chosen when you go into “Calendar”.


Here, you can see the contact’s calendar on the left side, and the library on the right side. The library is sorted in exercises, programs and plans. 

There are several ways to add a plan, program or activity to your program:

Alternative 1: The "+" icon


 Click the "+" icon on the activity you'd like to add. This will automatically be added to today's date. To get more information on the activity or plan, make changes in it, or make a copy, press the "i"-icon.

Read more about how you can edit plan templates here!


Alternative 2: Drag'n'drop

Click and hold on the activity you'd like to add to your or your contact's calendar, and drag it to the date of your choice. When you release it, it will automatically be added to the calendar. 

Alternative 3: The "+ Add" button



 Click on the "+ Add" button on the date of your choice. Press "Add activity" to add an exercise program or a free session. Press "Add plan" to add a plan to your calendar, starting on your chosen date. 

In the "Add plan" window, you can choose if you want to use free text search or tags. Enter the search term in the search box marked with  to get a free text search. To search for tags, tap "Show Tags”. If you want to reset the search, press .

Once you've found the template you want, tap "Choose plan" to get more details about the plan or tap "Adjust plan" in the bottom left corner to edit the template.



Adding a program to plan from "Program"

You can also add a program directly from "Program". Start by creating or opening a training program. With the program opened, click on the calendar icon.


You will now see a window where you can adjust how you want to add the training program to the calendar.


Check that you have chosen the correct contact. With the correct contact selected, choose the start date for when you want the training program to start.

Define the frequency of how often the session should be repeated by clicking on the "When" drop-down menu.

If you have selected "Selected days per week", you must tick the days you want the session to be performed.

Under "End" you can choose when repetition of the session should stop. Choose between "Sesssion(s)", "Week(s)" or a custom date.

When you're ready, click "Add program to plan". The training program should now be distributed in your contacts calendar.

Note! The repetition number of the sessions is limited to: 365 sessions/days or 52 weeks.