Finding and adding exercises, programs and plans to the calendar

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Navigation in "plan calendar"

In the contact's calendar you can easily add exercises, programs and plans.


  1. Click on the "plan calendar" at the top of the screen. Here you will see the contact's calendar on the left and the library on the right.
  2. Displays the active contact
  3. Here you can select / change contact
  4. Here you can select the month displayed using arrow keys

There are three ways you can add exercises, programs, and plans to your calendar:

Option 1: The "+" icon


  1. Click on the "+" sign of the activity you want to add. This will automatically be added to today's date.
  2. For more information about the activity or schedule, or if you want to change it, you can tap the “i” sign. Here you can also add the plan by pressing "Add schedule to calendar" and then press "add to calendar".

Option 2: Drag'n'drop


  1. Click and hold the activity you want in the program and drag it to the date you want. When you release it, it will be automatically created in the calendar.

Option 3: The "+ Add" button


  1. Press "+ Add" on a date in the contact's calendar. Here you can add an activity, a program or open a plan. If you open a plan, it will start on the date you selected. In this menu you can also create templates, which you can read more about here. 

 Adding a program to plan from "Program"


  1. Click on “program” at the top of the screen
  2. Select “programs” (or you can create a new program)
  3. Click “open program”
  4. Click “plan”

You will now get a window where you can choose how you want to add the exercise program into the plan.


  1. Displays the contact you want to add the program to
  2. Here you can define the frequency of how often the session will be repeated using the drop-down menu 

    NB! If you have selected “Selected days per week”, remember to check the days you want the session to be performed.

  3. "End" lets you choose when the repetition of the session should stop. Choose between "workouts", "Weeks" or a choosen date.
  4. When you are finished, you can press "Add program to planr". The training program should now be distributed in the contact's plan.

Note! The repetition count for the sessions is limited to: 365 sessions / days or 52 weeks.