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After you have found a plan, you might want to adjust it before you add it to the calendar. To edit a plan template, tap "Edit" when you have the plan opened. 

If you are unsure which template you want to edit, it is possible to open a template and edit it after viewing the details.

After clicking "Adjust Plan" you will see an "Edit Plan" window. Here you can adjust the title, description, share level, tags and image. If you want to forbid others from editing your plan template, you can check the "lock"-box.


Note! The administrator of your organization will always be able to edit your plan template.

Edit activities in a plan

If you wish to edit activities in a given plan, you can do so, by clicking on "Edit Activities" in "Edit plan"-mode.


You should now see a week overview over the activities within the plan you've chosen. 


Here, you can edit the template as you please: You can add a new week to the template by pressing "+Add Week" or you can use the symbols on the right to duplicate (), delete () or rearrange (/) the weeks. You can also use the mouse to drag activities from one day to another, or select an activity to either edit, duplicate or delete it.

Add program to plan template

It is possible to add a program directly into an existing plan template. To do this, open a plan template, then press “Adjust plan” and then “Edit activities”.


In the week view, click on the day you want to add a program, and select “Add Activity”.


From the list of your programs, you can now add more programs to the plan. Press “Save” until you’re back to the overview of the plan to save your changes.

View/Edit exercises in plan template

When adding a plan template to a plan, you can view and edit the individual exercises in each program. To do so, open a plan template, then press “Edit template” and then “Edit activities”. Here, you can either select one of the existing programs and press "Edit" or add a new one.

In the window that pops up, you will now see a button called “VIEW/EDIT EXERCISES”.

Here you are now able to edit the parameters of the exercise, e.g. sets, reps and duration, but you can also edit the name and the description of the exercise. Press "OK" and then "Save" to save your changes.

Make a copy of your plan template

When you open an plan template, this will be saved on the original template. If you'd rather make a new copy, you can do this by pressing "Make a copy" after opening the template. By doing this, all changes will be done to the new template, leaving the original one as it was.



Edit period plan activity.

When I, as an instructor, edit a plan template, I can search for and add exercises, change the order (by pressing the buttons or dragging the exercise up and down) and removing exercises. Do you want to be able to make a change to an activity that will apply to several activities in the same plan. It must be possible to make changes for this activity, all activities (of the same program) + only future activities (of the same program).

1.Right-click on the activity you want to adjust and select adjust plan.



2.Here you can change the name, description, delete exercise, edit exercise, add exercise or change the order of the exercises via the arrows. Select add exercise.  


3.Here you can search for the exercise you want and add it. Select ok.


4.Press ok - You will get a window where you can choose between:

- Change this activity

- Change this activity and future activities within this group

- Change this activity and future activities in this group (past and future).

5.  Press ok.