Delete an activity or a group of activities

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As an instructor or Administrator in ExorLive, you can delete activities in you contacts' plan.

Click on any activity you wish to delete and choose "Remove" in the drop down menu. 


If the activity is a part of a group (for example a part of an inserted plan template) you should see 3 options:

  • Delete this activity
  • Delete this and future activities in this group
  • Delete this and all other activities in this group (future and past)


Choose the option you want and click "Delete". The activities you chose to delete should now be removed from the plan. 



Delete a plan template in the plan-calendar

1.You are in the Plan calendar tab and in the calendar you press add.

2. Select Add plan


3.Right-click on the plan you want to delete. You will get a menu, select delete ..


4.You will be asked to confirm that you want to delete the plan template. Select Yes to delete.


Remove activities for a period

If you wish to remove activities over a certain period of time, this can be done by clicking on any week in the "Week" column and selecting "Remove activities in a given period".


Define the interval you want, the activities are to be deleted from time to time and press "Delete Now".