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Create template from plan

With plan template functionality, you can easily copy the plan of your contacts. Copy the plan to other contacts or copy 1 month of training to the next month, just with a few simple clicks.

Here’s how you create a plan template from calendar:

Click the "Calendar" tab and select the contact you want to copy the plan from. If you want to copy your own calendar, tap "Select me" in the bottom right corner. Left-click on a chosen date in your calendar and choose "Make template from calendar".


Select “From” and “To” the dates you want to copy the plan template. Give your schedule a title and description. Choose who you want to find the template by opening the drop down menu "Share with". If you want others to edit the template, check "Lock". If you want to easily find the template, in the future, you can add unique tags to the template.

You can also upload a photo to easily find the template and personalize it. Click the blank box at the bottom of the window and select the desired image.

When you are finished, click “Create Template”.


Create plan template from scratch

To create a plan template from scratch, go to the "Plan" tab of ExorLive. Left-click anywhere in the calendar and chose "Make a new plan template". 


 Add a title, description and adjust the access level in the same way as when you make a plan template from an existing plan, see above. Then, you'll get to the plan editor, where you can click and drag programs and exercises into your plan, rearrange the sessions and more add and remove weeks in the plan. Press "OK" and then "Save changes" when you're happy with your template to save it.