Create your own exercises / Copy an existing exercise

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As an administrator or instructor in ExorLive, you can create your own exercises. Upload photos and videos of how you think the exercise should be performed, describe it in your own words or use the available filters. Finally, give the exercise a name and share it with your customers and colleagues in your organization.

There are 2 ways to go about making a custom exercise. You can either choose to:

  • Create a completely new exercise
  • Make a copy of an exisiting exercise

Create a completely new exercise:

Start by locating the "Add exercise" button, in the upper right corner of the exercise library, and click on it. You will then see a window where you can make your own exercise.



The basics: Adding title, description, pictures and video. 

Start by giving your exercise a name and typing it into the field with text "Untitled exercise". Describe the exercise as much as you can with words, in the freetext box under the title.


If you are short on words, you can also upload pictures of the exercise by clicking on the white boxes at the top of the page.

Note! Uploaded file must be * .jpg or * .png and can not be larger than 2 MB.

If pictures and text descriptions are not enough to do your exercise justice, you can upload your own video to the exercise. Click on "Upload Your Own Video" at the bottom of the window and select the desired video. If you haven't uploaded any pictures, pictures will automatically be generated based on the video. If you'd like to choose another frame, press the snapshot icon on the picture.


Then, you'll see ten different snapshots from the movie. Pick the one that suits you the most, press "OK", and this will be the new picture of the exercise!



Note! The uploaded file must be *.mp4 or MOV and maximum size of the uploaded video must not exceed 30MB. 
The maximum total upload amount for your organisation is set to 1GB. If you wish to increase one, or both, of these limits, contact our sales team


Adding exercise parameters and sharing levels

Now select the current exercise parameters by clicking "Add row", or adjust the existing row to the left.

Finally, choose who you want to share the exercise with under "Sharing".

Before saving the exercise, you may want to click on the "Details" tab or click "Next" to further define the exercise details.

Exercise Details - Filters, starting position and difficulty level

By clicking the "Details" tab, you will get more exercise details that will help you define your exercise further.

If you wish to categorize, as well as make it easier for others to find your exercise, using ExorLive's filter and tag system, you can select the applicable filters in the left side of the window. Choose your exercise focus, exercise type, equipment and age group.

Add exercise tags above the exercise video

If you wish to choose the starting position of the exercise and difficulty, you can do this in the respective fields.

When you are ready to complete exercise details, press "SAVE" in the bottom right corner. The exercise will now appear in your exercise library marked with "NEW".

Make a copy of an existing exercise:

The copy of the exercise will contain all the details of the original exercise and you can change the various details, as you wish.

Start by opening the exercise details, by pressing the "i" icon if the exercise is in the exercise library, or pressing the pencil icon if the exercise is in the training program.

Click on the "three-point" icon, in the top right corner and then "Create your own copy of this exercise".