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Create custom buttons in ExorLive Go


If you have access to ExorLive Go Toolbox, you can, as an administrator, create custom buttons in ExorLive Go.

Under Admin tab -> Settings -> ExorLive Go, you will find settings related to the Explore page in the app. Here you can add, view and edit custom buttons.

Add button

Click on "Add Button". You will now get a window where you can define button details.

1. Enter the title of the button (this is the name that will appear on the button)

2. Enter the sub title (this is the text that will appear below the button)

3. If you want to have a catchy image on your button, you can do this by clicking on the white box in the middle. NB Image can not be larger than 2MB.

4. Choose which function you want your button to have. You have 3 options:



The button will send the user to a predefined web page. Enter the URL address in the field marked with “url”. Choose whether you want the page to appear directly in the app or to open in a new window in your browser. Click on "Save Changes."

Program Filter-button:

With this button you can turn a training programs search, into a button. This allows you to structure your content. For example, you can create a button that shows all training programs related to shoulder, or show all strength programs, without explicitly searching and sorting through all available training programs.


Click on  "Add Filter" and select the filter type. A "Query" search will show all the programs that, in one form or another, contain your keyword. A "Tag" search will show only the programs that have been explicitly tagged with your keyword - this can be useful when you, for example, want to restrict the content to only show programs made by you.

Enter your keyword in the "Value" field.


Buttons with a parent button:

If you want to have several levels on your buttons, you can use “Parent Button”-function. This is useful if you want to structure several “Program Filter”-buttons.


Divide a "Strength Training" button, in "Strength training with free weights"-button and "Strength training without equipment"-button. Divide a "rehab" button into the "shoulder rehab" button and the "hip rehab"-button. Or what about dividing the "strength button", into "Strength training with free weights" button and a button that links to a strength training article? In other words, the possibilities are many.


Click on "Add Button", where you get the option to define the desired buttons again. When done, click "Save Changes."


When you have finished defining buttons, scroll up to the top of the page and press "Save" to save the changes.


Here’s a look at how your custom buttons can look like inside the app:



Edit buttons

If you want to change the custom buttons, you can do this by clicking on the pencil icon, to the right of the button, in the button list.


If you want to change the order of the buttons, this can easily be done by using the up and down arrows to the right of the button in the button list.


If you wish to delete the buttons, this can be done by pressing the “X”-icon, to the right of the button, in the button list.