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If your organization has access to Toolbox, you have the option to customize appearance, as well as various features in ExorLive Go, to personalise the app to your organization.

Note! You need to have an Administrator account to perform these actions.


The video shows where to find the settings and how to change color and add logo.

You can start with the customization by going to the "Admin" tab and navigating to "EXORLIVE GO" under "SETTINGS".

Select unit

Select the unit you want the changes to apply to, by clicking "Select unit"

See the changes done in ExorLive Go

To see the changes performed in ExorLive Go, tap "Save and Preview" at the top of the window.


Change logo in ExorLive Go

Upload Logo 1 and Logo 2, by clicking on “UPLOAD LOGO 1” og “UPLOAD LOGO 2”, respectively.
Du kan see how it will look in boxes “Logo 1 (On colored background):” and “Logo 2 (On white/light background):”


Change color in ExorLive Go

Determine the colors in your training app by adjusting "Primary Color", "Accent Color" and Background Color.

1. Primary Color - Banner Color - Standard Color #A03F64 

2. Accent Color - Buttons - Default Color # F99D32

3. Background color - default color # F5F5F5