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Custom exercises in ExorLive - safety and guidelines

Your Administrator will find a checkbox to enable/disable the “Custom exercises” feature that let you as an ExorLive user upload your own exercises (photo and video). The function is turned on by default.

You are responsible for obtaining the necessary approval when uploading your own exercises in ExorLive. Therefore, it is necessary to make an internal policy so that this is safeguarded. The internal policy will help to protect the privacy (and GDPR) and may, for example, describe the following:

  1.    What you are allowed to upload
    1. Do you have permission to upload photos/videos of patients?
    2. Do you have permission to upload photos/videos where face appears?
    3. Do you have the right to share such content with other departments or globally, or give it to the patient via the app?
    4. What is the routine for spreading and approval from patient or other?
  2.    This feature can be disabled in the Admin tab inside ExorLive until the internal policy is complete. Your administrator has this right.

ExorLive reserves the right to remove content that does not comply with ExorLive's policy or receives an complaint. ExorLive's policy you will find in the License Agreement, and you will find a link to this when you test the feature.

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