Input to the exercises and programs?

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If you have input for new content, improvement of existing content or professional criticism about errors or omissions, please contact our content department at


In order to solve your request in the best possible way, we need to know some basic details about the exercise. It is very helpful if you provide the following:

Name of exercise - Enter a name for the exercise. Example: Nordic hamstrings

Exercise Type - Specify the type of training it should have. Ex. Strength training, mobility training, motor control, balance etc.

Focus - Enter the primary muscle group / organ system that is being trained.

Equipment - Please add all the equipment needed to complete the exercise.

Instructions - Enter a step-by-step description of how the exercise will be performed.

Others - Add other information you think is important. For example, tags you want the exercise to be labeled with, other names of the exercise (Nordic hamstring aka Glute Ham Raise).

Attachment: images, links, videos.


When you contact us, you are likely to get one of these three answers:

  • The exercise is available in the program, but we need to add the keyword you used.
  • The exercise has already been produced and will be available as soon as possible.
  • We currently do not have the exercise in our program, but we will consider adding it in the future. We always appreciate your feedback and do our best to include exercises based on your wishes when we create new material.

Due to the large number of requests coming in to us, we do not always have the opportunity to keep you updated on the progress of your request.