How do I find exercises and exercise programs?

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In ExorLive, you can find exercises and exercise programs suggestions in a single query.

You can either use text search or filter search or you can combine text and filter search.

Text search

In text search, you can write keywords, you associate with the exercise, such as:

  • squats
  • hip strength without equipment
  • hip abductors
  • ankle stability
  • strengthen knee children
  • hamstrings stretching

ExorLive has built dictionaries for both spelling and synonyms, as well as different types of tags - so it will be easy for you to find the exercises and workouts you are looking for.

You will also notice that exercises, you use frequently, will be more visible than other exercises. 


Filter search

You can also find exercises and programs using the filter function. On the right side, you can see the filters available in ExorLive. By choosing one or more of these, they will appear below the search bar, and the search result will be filtered by these. If you also write something in the search bar, the result will also be filtered by the filters chosen. 

Using diagnostic codes  

In ExorLive, it is also possible to use diagnostic codes when searching for finished program templates. You can use both ICPC-2 codes and ICD-10 codes. When using such searches, you will find both research-based protocols, programs created by our professionals at ExorLive and some programs by selected customers. Initially, we have suggestions for programs on the most used diagnostic codes, but we are constantly working to strengthen this database.

If you use ExorLive with integration to a medical record system and the patient has been assigned a diagnosis code, a search will automatically be made in ExorLive for this code, so that relevant programs are easily accessible. If necessary, read more about specific journal systems ExorLive is integrated with here

Below you see an example of a search with the ICPC-2 code for "Low back symptoms/complaints"