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Cookie policy

We use cookies on the ExorLive website for marketing purposes, to make your online experience smoother and save you time. Cookies help us remember your settings and personal data when you visit our website again, making it easier for you to use our services. Regarding our handling of personal data, please refer to our privacy policy page.

Note: we do not use cookies for marketing purposes in ExorLive Main

What are cookies?

Cookies are like little memory notes that websites make to remember you. They help customize your online experience, but don't worry, they won't eat your computer!

If you want to disable cookies:

If you're not a fan of cookies and want to say "no thanks" to them, you can do so by changing some settings in your browser. Some browsers even let you be a cookie detective and decide which websites are allowed to use them and which aren't.

All browsers work differently so it's a good idea to check how your particular browser handles them. Here are some useful links for some of the most common browsers: