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Give patients the opportunity to answer questions and let the answers provide the basis for personalized exercise programs. We offer several different and have surveys for healthy people, in need of care and in rehabilitation.

To gain access to the ExorLive Survey, you must contact us and we will add the ExorLive survey to your organisation. Once this is done, you can change the following settings via Admin and ExorLive Go:


1. Hide or show the survey by ticking the box.

2. Choose whether you want to show the default personalized suggestions button on the Explore page of ExorLive Go.

3. Choose whether you want to show "My personal suggestions" on the home screen.

4. Choose whether you want to create a separate button on the home screen in ExorLive Go. Enter title, subtitle and upload a suitable image.

5. Choose whether you want to show the button on the home page when it has not been answered previously and choose when the survey should be shown again. Either after X number of days or X number of sessions.

6. Choose to display a new title and subtitle for the survey when it is carried out for the second time.


7. Select the maximum number of training program suggestions from the survey.

8. Select the maximum number of plan proposals from the survey.

9. Show the survey on the welcome page before the user is logged in and enter a name on the button.

10. Choose whether the survey should be displayed after a completed session.

11. Choose whether the user should be sent to the home screen after completing the survey.

12. Turn off summaries after a session.