Reset training session to original program in EL Go

Whether your instructor shares a training program with you or you find an interesting program on your own, throught the Go app, you might want to make adjustments to it. Maybe you want to replace an exercise or add another one or maybe you weren't able to perform the given amount of repetitions stated on an exercise and want to change it. Either way, the original program is prone to change during it's life cycle. 

Everytime you open up a training program, your last changes will always be visible. That way, you never have to remember what and how you performed last time - ExorLive Go does it for you. 

However, there are certain times when you might want reset the program to the original. Conveniently, you can do this, provided your organizational administrator has made this option available (Read here).

Resetting your training session to the original program

Open a training program i your app. Click on the 3 dotted column in the top right corner and choose "Reset to original program". 


Program exercises as well as their exercise data (reps, sets etc) will now be reset to the original program.