Share a plan with your colleagues

You might have a great plan laying around in your library, that you would like to share to your other colleagues. The easiest way for them to see your plans, is to first go into the "Calendar"-tab. 


On the right side of the screen, you'll see activities and plans you can drag into a calendar. If you press "Plans" and then "My organization", you'll see all of the plans that are made available to you by you and your colleagues.


This access has to be done when making (or editing) the plan, which you can read more about here!

Sharing plan URL

You can also share a plan directly with a colleague, via URL. First, go into the calendar. Find the plan you wish to see, and press the information icon on the plan, 


Then, you'll see some information about the plan, and a URL for sharing on the middle of the window.


Copy this, and send this to your colleague(s) any way you want. The colleague must be logged in to see it, and also have access to the program (i.e. the plan's sharing level must be at least for your unit or organization).