Assistant is an app for you to help you guide your clients through their workouts, and then seamlessly register the workout in the app.

Here's a quick guide to how you log in to the app, select and remove a contact, register a workout and how to log out.


Logging in

When an administrator creates your user and add the role of Assistant (you can read more about roles here), you should receive an email where you'll find a link to activate your account and establish a password. To log in, enter your username (which most often will be your e-mail) and password.


Selecting a contact

To choose a contact, press the "Select Contact" button. That will take you to "My Contacts" where you can see all the contacts that have been assigned to you. Here, you can either press on the contact's name and start acting on behalf of the contact, or press on the "i"-symbol to view the contact's information.


Finding a contact in your organisation

Can't find your contact? Try first changing from "My contacts" to "All Contacts" where you can search for all the contacts in your organisation. To do this, write more than three characters in the search bar to find the contact you're looking for.



Adding and removing a client to "My clients"

When you open a contact, you'll see a button on the bottom of the information page called "Select this contact". When pressing this, you'll be able to act on behalf of the contact's behalf, and if this is the first time you open this contact, it will also add this contact to your contacts.


When you open a contact that's in My Contacts, you'll see an option on the information page to "Remove from "My Contacts"". This will remove the contact from your contacts, but still be available in All Contacts.


Performing a workout

When you've selected a contact to act on behalf of, you'll be sent to that contact's front page. Here, you will see the contact's scheduled workouts or their suggested next activity, in addition to the contact's latest activities. To get started, click on the suggested next activity.



Logging out

To log out, deselect any contact you might have chosen by clicking on the "X" in the top right corner. Then, from the front page, press the button called "More". Here, you will find the option to log out.