Find and apply plan templates

If you wish to copy the activities in the calendar from one contact to another, it can be done by searching for created plan templates.

In the "Plan" tab, select the contact for whom you want to fill the calendar. Click on an empty day in the calendar and select "Open plan template". You will now get a window with all available plan templates.


Find a plan template:

In the "Open plan template" window, you can choose if you want to use free text search or tags. Enter the search term in the search box marked with  to get a free text search. To search for tags, tap "Show Tags”. If you want to reset the search, press .

Once you've found the template you want, tap "open" to get more details about the template or tap "Edit template" in the bottom left corner to edit the template.

Insert plan template to calendar

Once you’ve found the desired plan template in the "Open Plan Template" window, tap "Open" in the bottom right corner. You will then get a window with details for the plan template. Here you can choose if you want to insert a complete copy of the plan template (ie the same layout of days as in the original copy) or if you want to set up your own weekly pattern.

If you choose to specify your own weekly pattern, choose the start date, the desired days, and how many weeks it will be repeated.

When done, click on "Add program to calendar". You should now see the training programs distributed in the calendar, according to your chosen settings.

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