In ExorLive, you can easily add training programs to the calendar of your contacts. This makes it easier for both you and your contact to keep track of what to do and when.

Start by creating or opening a training plan. With the plan opened, click on the calendar icon.


You will now see a window where you can adjust how you want to add the training program to the calendar.


Check that you have chosen the correct contact. With the correct contact selected, choose the start date for when you want the training program to start.

Define the frequency of how often the session should be repeated by clicking on the "When" drop-down menu.

If you have selected "Selected days per week", you must tick the days you want the session to be performed.

Under "End" you can choose when repetition of the session should stop. Choose between "Sesssion(s)", "Week(s)" or a custom date.

When you're ready, click "Add program to plan". The training program should now be distributed in your contacts calendar.


Note! The repetition number of the sessions is limited to: 365 sessions/days or 52 weeks.

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