Give your contact his very own training app (Invite to use EL Go)

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Give your contacts their very own exercise app, by inviting them to use ExorLive Go. You can choose whether you want to invite existing contacts or clients that are not in your ExorLive organisation from before.
Click on “Contacts”-tab to begin.

Invite one existing contact

If you wish to invite one single contact, you can do it by finding the desired contact in the contact list. If the contact has not been invited to ExorLive Go, earlier, you should see the app icon (image-0__22_.png), to the left of the contacts name. Click on the app icon and then “OK”. You should now see the page by the name “Invite contact”. Check if the email address is correct and whether you want to write an additional message to your contact. Click “SEND INVITATION”. Your contact should now get an invitation, to use ExorLive Go, in his email.

Tip! You can also invite your contacts to ExorLive Go, through “Program”-tab. Read how, here.

Invite multiple existing contacts

If you wish to invite several existing contacts at the same time, it can be done by clicking "App" at the top of the tab and selecting "Invite multiple contacts." Check the box, to the left of the contact name, for all the contacts you wish to invite. Click "SELECT" and "OK". You should now see a window called "Invite Contacts", where you can double check the selected contacts info. Confirm all the desired contacts and then press "Next" and "Invite". You should now see a message that the invitations have been sent.

Invite clients not present in the system

If one of your clients is not a contact in ExorLive from before, you can invite them to ExorLive Go as follows:

Click "App", select "Invite new contact via email" and press "OK". You will now get a window called "Invite Contact". Enter the recipient's email and, if desired, a personal message to the recipient. Click "SEND INVITATION". The invitation should now be sent to the client's email.

If you wish to invite more of your clients at the same time, read more about this here.

Tip! Withdraw your invitation or see who you have invited by choosing “My invitations” in drop-down menu in the top left corner of the tab.