Add activity to a contact's plan

As an instructor you can create activities in your contacts plan. This can be especially useful if you want to have an overview of the sessions your contacts do on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis. If your contacts have access to ExorLive Go, they will be able to see the activity you set, in their training app. They will also be able to log their training so that you can see what has been done and when.

You can add activities in contacts plan in many different ways. All the options are equally good and it’s up to you to decide which one you want to use.

Option 1: Via “Plan”-tab

Click on “Plan”-tab and then “Choose contact”, in the top left corner. Find the desired contact in the contact list and click “SELECT” -  you should now see the contacts plan.

Option 2: Via “Contacts”-tab

Click on “Contacts”-tab and the desired tab. Find the calendar-icon (image-0__23_.png), placed all the way to the right of the contacts name, and click on it. You should now see contacts plan.

Right-click on the day you wish the activity should happen and select “Add activity” - you should now see a window named “Activity” (Picture 1).

Choose the desired options for the activity, thereamong type of activity, exercise program, intensity, date, start time, duration, satisfaction rate and comments. Click “SAVE” - the activity should now show in the contacts plan.

Picture 1.

Adding a single exercise to a contact's plan

In addition to adding a exercise program, you can also add a single exercise directly into your contact's plan. To do this, choose "Single Exercise" in the "Type" menu.

When you then press the  button, you can search within all the exercises in Exorlive's library. Choose your exercise and press the "Save" button to add it to your contact's plan.

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