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ExorLive Go settings/Toolbox

If your organization has access to the Toolbox, you have the option to customize appearance, as well as various features in ExorLive Go, to personalise the app to your organization.

No Toolbox? No problem - You can still customize the app the way you want and get a preview of how it looks.

Note! You need to have an Administrator account to perform these actions.   

You can start with the customization by going to the "Admin" tab and navigating to "EXORLIVE GO" under "SETTINGS".

Select unit

Select the unit you want the changes to apply to, by clicking "Select unit"


See the changes done in ExorLive Go

To see the changes performed in ExorLive Go, tap "Save and Preview" at the top of the window.



Change logo in ExorLive Go

Upload Logo 1 and Logo 2, by clicking on “UPLOAD LOGO 1” og “UPLOAD LOGO 2”, respectively.
Du kan see how it will look in boxes “Logo 1 (On colored background):” and “Logo 2 (On white/light background):”



Change color in ExorLive Go

Determine the colors of your exercise app by adjusting "Primary Color:" and "Accent Color:".

You can see the changes you make in "Color Theme".



Activate and edit welcome page in ExorLive Go

Choose whether you'd like to have a welcome page in ExorLive Go, before the login page, by checking the "Show Welcome page (not signed in)" box. The welcome page will become the new login page.
You will then be presented with the option to upload a background image and choose to have a custom button on the welcome page.

If your organization has requested the option, in advance, you will also see a button that allows customers to create a profile directly from the login screen.

Upload the background image by clicking on the "No image" field, select the image you'd like and click "upload image". The selected image should now appear in the window below.

If you leave the image field blank, but the welcome page box is still ticked, a default background will appear:


Note! To preview how the welcome page will looks like, scroll to the top of the page, click "Save" at the top of the window, and then click the link directly above the uploaded image.


If you wish to have a button on the welcome page, which links out to a predefined webpage, you can check the "Show button name and URL for your own website (on welcome page)". Enter the name of the button and URL address in the respective fields.
Note! The URL address must be written in the format "http://..."


Here's an example of how your welcome page can look like:


Define information pages in ExorLive Go

Enter URL for Info Page 1 in the box with the same name. This is the page ExorLive Go users will be sent to when they press the information icon (Picture 3), in the top right corner of ExorLive Go.

Select the name of the information button that ExorLive Go users will see when they are logged out and press the information button below the login window (Picture 4). Enter URL for Info Page 2 in the box with the same name.


Picture 3                                        Picture 4

Explore exercises and programs in ExorLive Go

Choose whether your ExorLive Go users should get the opportunity to explore exercises by checking the "Explore Exercises" box.



Custom buttons in ExorLive Go

If you wish to have a button linking to an external webpage in your app, it can be done in several different ways:

  1. Create custom button in "Explore" tab
  2. Create custom button in "Home" tab (Useful if you want to link to an external online booking system)
  3. Create URL button in the "Me" tab (Useful if you want to link to your website)

Read how to create custom buttons here


Anonymous Mode in ExorLive Go

If you want ExorLive Go users to be anonymous, check the "Anonymous Mode" box. User name, phone no. and email address will be hidden.



Show contacts in ExorLive Go

If an ExorLive Go user has contacts linked to their profile (such as an instructor/therapist), you can choose whether they can have access to their contacts in the ExorLive Go app. Check the "Show Contacts" box.



Comment workouts in ExorLive Go

You can choose whether users should be able to comment on a workout by ticking the "Show comment in summary" box.



Communication in ExorLive Go

By checking the "Show Messages" box, you can choose whether users should be able to communicate through the ExorLive Go app.



In-app notifications in ExorLive Go

Choose whether users should receive direct notifications in ExorLive Go by ticking the "View in-app notifications" box.



Show contacts email and phone number in ExorLive Go

By ticking "Show contact email address + mob/tlf", the phone and email address of the ExorLive Go user will be visible in the app.