Activity log per contact/See contact’s activities

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Note! Only applicable if the contacts use ExorLive Go If you want to get an overview of the contacts' activities over a period of time, this can be done through the contact's activity log. There are two ways to access the log.

Option 1: Through “Contacts”-tab Click on the "Contact"-tab and find the desired contact in the contact list. Click the graph icon (image-0__14_.png), to the far right of the contact name. You will now see the activity log to the contact.

Option 2: Through “Statistics”-tab

Click on the "Statistics"-tab. Select the the contact you want to see the activities for, by clicking "Select Contact" in the upper left corner. You will now see the contact list. Find the desired contact and press "SELECT". You should now get the activity log to your contact.

You can filter the activity log by performed activities.