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Send a message/email to contact

In ExorLive, you can easily communicate with your contacts via message or email. If your organisation has access to ExorLive Go Toolbox, your contacts will receive the messages you send, through ExorLive, directly in their app, in the form of a direct message.

If your organization has disabled this feature, or the contact doesn’t have access to ExorLive Go (Invite to ExorLive Go), the message you send will go directly to the contacts email.

Click on “Contacts”-tab and find the desired contact in the contact list. Click on the letter icon (image-0__21_.png), to the right of the contacts name. You should now see a window named “Messages”. Enter the desired text in the "Messages" window and press "SEND". If the delivery is successful, you will see a green status window in the upper right corner, confirming that the message has been sent. The contact should now have received the message in his email/app.