Create several contacts through invitation to training app (ExorLive Go)

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You can easily create several contacts by inviting your clients to use the exercise app ExorLive Go.

  1. Click on the "Contacts" tab in ExorLive
  2. Click on “App”, to the right of “New contact”, at the top of the tab
  3. Select "Import from file". You will now get a window called "Invite contacts" (Picture 1)
  4. You can either invite the contacts by uploading a .CSV file, .VFC file, or by entering the email addresses of your clients.
  5. Click "Import text". The contacts should now receive an invitation to the ExorLive Go training app, in their email.


Picture 1.

Tip! Withdraw the invitation or see who you've sent the invitation to by selecting "My invitations" from the drop-down menu, at the top left of the tab.