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You will learn how to easily create a training program for your contact and how to share the program via print, mail or via our training app. You will find tips on how to find the right exercise and how to create training templates.

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1. Create a training program for a contact

You will be shown how to add a new contact to ExorLive and we will show you how to find exercises to create a training program.


2. Share the program via print, email or via the training app

Once you have completed the program, you can choose to print, email or give the program to your contact via our training app - ExorLive Go.


Click here to read more about the training app, ExorLive Go

3. Help functions to find the right exercise

Get help finding similar exercises, lighter or more difficult variants via our help features. You can also create a library of your favorite exercises.


4. Create, use and find templates

Save time by creating a template with your own description and edits. You can share templates with your colleagues and you can also find suggestions on complete ExorLive Exercise programs.


5. Get help via the support site

We show you how you can get help through our support site on the website and how you can contact us.