Can I add my own exercises to ExorLive?

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Simply put: yes! 

There are two ways to do this:

1) Type in the exercise, you are missing via the feedback link top right in ExorLive. Your feedback will be sent directly to our content team. You will most probably get one of these three answers:

  • The exercise is available in the programme, but we need to add the search term, you used 
  • The exercise has already been through production and will be available as soon as possible
  • We do not have the exercise in our programme at the moment, but might consider adding it in the future. We always appreciate your feedback and do our best to include exercises based on your requests, when we record material.

2) Type "blank" in the search field. This will provide you with an empty exercise that you can edit with your own name and description. This exercise can be saved within your routines and templates.