Administration (Admin)

ExorLive is built to handle everything from a single user to large international organizations. Therefore ExorLive has a robust and comprehensive administration system.

The administrators of the organization have access to a separate "Admin" Tab where topical administration can be carried out. 

In addition, the support department in ExorLive has an overarching management system that take care of more advanced tasks.


Roles and rights   

ExorLive has a flexible copyright system that is role-based.

The following roles and privilege levels are:


All users

Shows all users in the organisation.



Can create and open contacts, save and sign exercise programs on the basis of existing or new programs, as well as create custom templates that can be seen / edited by specified users. Able to create and save program templates that can be saved and made available only to specific contacts.

Unit Administrator 


Can create new users, deactivate or activate existing users in their unit and all sub-units. Can edit certain default behaviors of print within the unit.

Organizational Administrator 


Manages the entire organization, including licensing, organizational structure and appearance. Adding new users, assign device administrators, activate / deactivate users. Able to delete current exercise programs.

System administrator in ExorLive 

Can provide relevant rights and setting the organization and system level.

Read Only

A limited role that allows you to view, print or mail an existing training program to a contact. Access to patient programs in a different unit requires an active choice.


Contact with login (Client/Patient with account)


This role entitles the user to see their own exercise program with video, log their exercise and see progress through their mobile/tablet/PC. The user only has access to their information. The user has access to program suggestions if this is provided by the administrators.

Contact without login (Client/Patient without account)

A contact in ExorLive without an account.

All contacts

All contacts both with and without a login in the organisation.

Creating users  

As an administrator, you can create new users like this:


Click "Add User" and fill in the desired characteristics.



  1. Fill first name, last name and email address.
  2. Select a placement for the user within the organisation structure
  3. Select role
  4. Click save


You can use ExorLive’s API to create users, or send a list (e.g. an XML file) to the ExorLive support staff to import in bulk.



Creating subunits 

You can create and edit organisational structure like this:

  1. Right-click the organization's "root", i.e. top organizational and select "Add unit".
  2. You can also add sub-units at various levels, as well as removing and changing units



Find a user

You can find users by using the search box on the top right, or filter on roles:


If you are the rootadministrator of your organization, you can by
checking the box "Search all units", you can see a list of all contacts within the organisation, without having to first navigate to the correct unit.



 Open and edit a user 

An administrator can open a detailed dialog of a user by double-clicking on the user in the user list, or press "i". Then the following will display:

Here you can also deactivate/activate, and delete a user. If a user is not previously activated, you can send an activation E-mail where the user, through a link can choose a username and password to activate their account.



Delete users 

The administrator can delete a user by opening the users detailed dialog and pressing "Delete."



Organisation Settings 

Under “Main Application” in the list to the left you can see and alter information that is relevant to your organisation.

  • Name of organisation
  • Standard language
  • Limit what personal information is allowed to be stored for new patients
  • Organisation logo on prints and PDFs



Print Settings

“Print Settings” lets you see information relevant to the printing of workouts and customize how they look for each unit.

  1. Select which unit to customise
  2. Logo that will appear on all printouts For best results:
    - PNG format, transparent background (not white), height: 120 px, width within 500 px
    - 2 editions:
    a) in color
    b) in white only (use for example in app etc.)
  3. Change what organisation name appears on print (useful for units)
  4. Default behavior: Whether or not the name of the creator appears on the print.
  5. Default behavior: Whether or not the name of the recipient appears on the print.
  6. Unit description that appears on all printouts.
  7. Standard program information that will appear on all printouts
  8. Upload any logo / image and tick for "show watermark".




Here you can select which tabs at the top, that will be visible to instructors.



This section lets you customize what information is available on the Homepage after logging into ExorLive.


 ExorLive Go

In this section you can make changes to how ExorLive Go looks to your contacts. Even without a Toolbox license you can play around with these settings and get a preview of how it would look.

  1. Select what unit you wish to customize
  2. Add logo for coloured backgrounds
  3. Add logo for white/light backgrounds
  4. Choose your own background colour
  5. Select what information is available to the contacts using your ExorLive Go
  6. Show self-defined button on home page in GO
  7. Show self-defined button on explorer page in GO
  8. Hide the primary contact: Hides instructor's contact information from the client.
  9. Anonymous mode hides all personal information of the client from the app.



Activity Report

This tab will show you a list of actions done to a specific user (e.g. if someone sent the user an exercise program or changed their user information).


Access Report

Here you can see a complete list of all actions performed by a specific user, e.g. an instructor, admin or contact. For instance, if a user has completed an exercise program, created a new contact, sent an e-mail, etc.