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Under the tab Contacts you can keep track, follow up and edit your contacts. In ExorLive a contact means, people you follow up with regard to training.

The window looks like this:




Create new contact


To create a new contact, click "New contact" and fill in the relevant contact information:

You fill out a minimum First and Last name. In addition there is a great advantage to fill out e-mail address, since this enables you to send training programs, messages and invitation to the fitness App via e-mail. Then press Save.


Find and open a contact 

You can search and filter contacts via this toolbar:


Once you have found the contact you want to follow up, you can open the contact details by double-clicking the contact.

You can also use the  fast features through the icons to the right of the contact:


From the left:

  • Invite contact to get their own fitness apps
  • Contact information
  • Send a message to the contact
  • Create new follow-up for a contact
  • Go to the training program of the contact.
  • Go to the plan of the contact
  • Go to the contact's statistics



Active contact 

With an active contact means a contact which is the focus of ExorLive.
You choose active contact by clicking "Select contact".

Below Training program a active contact looks like this:

Below plan: 

Below Statistic: 

You can always select another contact, and you can select "None" when you want to create templates for a training program without linking toa specific contact.



Invite a contact 

You can invite a contact to get their own fitness App, with their training programs included .

Send a invite to your contacts by clicking "App" on the training program site. The App will appear as soon as you have an active contact and a training program to share to the contact:


You can also invite the contact by clickingwhich you can find next to the contact.

In addition, you can invite a lot of contacts at a time by clicking the "App" in contact tab:


You can also import many contacts at a time into ExorLive, through eg an XML file or through ExorLive´s API. Just contact us if you have questions about this :) 


Delete a contact 

A contact can only be deleted by the Administrator in Admin tab. See Administration.



Follow up the contacts 

You can add and see follow ups of contacts by clicking "My follow-ups" under tabs Schedule, Statistics and contacts. The window for follow ups looks like this:



My contacts 

"My contacts" are contacts that you have a relation to. If you enter a contact's detail window and press "Other", you will see if they are checked or not, if so then the contact is marked as "My Contacts".

All contacts that you create yourself are automatically marked as "My Contacts".




In the bottom of the window you will also see who is defined as the "primary contact". This is the instructor that is primarily intended to follow up the contact.

When selecting a contact it will in first place be filtered on “My contacts”




You can anytime search among others contacts, if you have permission to do so.



In plan you can add activities for one or many contacts.


Adding activities 

You enter an activity by clicking on the desired day. You will then get the following information:


 Select Add activity and set up a activity as desired:



Register completed activity 

As a instructor you have the possibility to register an activity by:

  • clicking on the checkbox 
  • or press activity and check off completed



Copy an activity 

By clicking on the activity and select "copy", creates a copy of the activity on the same day.



Copy activities for a week in a period of time 

By clicking on the field of weeks (marked in orange here), and select “Copy this week at a time”, you are able to copy the current week to the desired weeks ahead:



Move activity 

You can move an activity by the "drag & drop" function or click on it and select "View / Change" where you can change the date.

Delete an activity 

You can either delete a activity by clicking on it and select "Delete" or click on the current day and select "Remove all activities" on this day. You can also delete all activities for a whole week by clicking the week field (marked in orange here), and select "Clear this week":


Edit an activity

By clicking on relevant activity and choose "View/Change", you can make the desired changes.



In statistics you can see the activities of a contact or a group of contacts.


 You choose the type of report and period in the utility menu