Create and edit exercise programmes

 Once you have found the desired exercises you can edit the program as you wish.




Edit program 

  • Adding title
  • Adding description




Edit exercise

Find alternative exercises

  Find progression options (more advanced / easier exercises)

  Move exercise downward

Move exercise upward  

PS: you can also move the exercise up / down with your mouse.


   Delete exercise




Edit exercise 

When cliking on  edit exercise, you will get following:


After editing, you can save and return, or go directly to the next/previous exercise.




Here you can:

Flip and rotate images.

Play video

Change title

Change description

Here you can:

Add desired exercise-data and add new rows.

Delete rows by clicking on "X".


You can add more exercise data by clicking on





Translate a training program

You can translate a training program to another language if you click on the flag:


Create a new training program

You create a new training program by clicking Create New:


Delete training program

You can delete exercise by right-clicking the mouse on current program and select "Delete training program".



Note: you will only be able to delete a program you have rights to lay delete. For example, you can not delete a training program signed on a contact, or suggestions/templates created by others.

Save a training program 

You can save the training program in the following ways:

  1. On a contact (patient/practitioner)
  2. As a suggestion/ template


Save the program on a contact

When saving a program on a contact, do as follows

  1. Select the contact you want to save the program for
  2. Select Title
  3. Click Save

You can also do as follows:

  • Sign a program on a contact, so that it can not be changed.
  • Add a date for the handover.
  • Adding tags/labels that make it easier to find the program.


Save program as suggestion/template 

Examples for how to save a program suggestion/template,

  1. Select title
  2. Select how the program will be available
    1. Private
      Then it is only available for you.
    2. Instructors in your organization
      Then your colleagues can find the program, if they have necessary rights.
    3. Contacts and instructors in your organization
      Contacts (patients/clients) that has necessary rights, can find the program.
    4. Publish globally.
      Then all users in ExorLive can find the program.


You can also:

  • Sign the program so that no one can change it. This option is set automatically to ensure that others can only take a copy and not modify your program by mistake. You can always turn of this option.
  • Add tags / labels to make it easier to find for the program.



Share training program

You can share your training program in several ways:

  1. Print
  2. Send by Email
  3. Give it through the fitness App.

In addition, you can:

  • Save the program with desirable visibility for others. (See Saving training program)
  • Share video-link to program

Uten kontakt i fokus:



Med kontakt i fokus:




When you print, select the desired layout and click "Print":


You can click "More Settings" if you want to adjust more details:





Send by email

 You can send training program by Email. The program will then be attached as a PDF.


By training App 

You can share your training program to a contact through a fitness App, by doing the following:



Share video 

You can share video of the training program by clicking 

This allows you to share video link in these ways: