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Create and edit exercise programs

Once you have found the desired exercises you can edit the program as you wish.


Watch video here: 


Edit program 

  • Adding title
  • Adding description




Edit exercise

Find alternative exercises

  Find progression options (more advanced/easier exercises)

  Move exercise downward

Move exercise upward  

PS: you can also move the exercise up/down with your mouse.


   Delete exercise




Edit exercise 

When clicking on  (edit exercise), the following will show:


After editing, you can save and return, or go directly to the next/previous exercise.




Here you can:



NOTE, you have to put your mouse over the picture to get the option to flip and rotate. 

Play video

Change title

Change description

Here you can:

Add desired exercise-data and add new rows.

Delete rows by clicking on "X".


You can add more exercise data by clicking on 





Translate an exercise program

You can translate an exercise program to another language if you click on the flag:


Create a new exercise program

You create a new exercise program by clicking "Create New":


Delete an exercise program

You can delete an exercise program by right-clicking the mouse on the current program and select "Delete exercise program".


Note: you are only able to delete a program you have rights to delete. E.g., you can not delete an exercise program signed on a contact, or suggestions/templates created by others.

Save an exercise program 

You can save the exercise program in the following ways:

  1. On a contact (patient/practitioner)
  2. As a suggestion/ template


Save the program on a contact

When saving a program on a contact, follow the instructions:

  1. Select the contact you want to save the program for
  2. Create a title for your program
  3. Select a sharing level for the program
  4. Click Save


To select a different sharing level, you simply have to click the drop-down menu under "Sharing":

  1. Instructors in my organisation. Makes your program available to all instructors in your organisation.
  2. Contact and instructors in my organisation. Visible to the contact and instructors in your organisation.


If you want to ensure that your program is not altered in any way after you have created it, you can Sign (Lock) the program. This will prevent anyone in your organisation from making changes to it. Click the "Show more" checkbox on the "Save as..." dialogue to see advanced options.


Save the program as a template

To save a program as a template, follow these steps:

  1. Give your program a title.
  2. Select a sharing level.
  3. Click Save.



To select a different sharing option, you simply have to click the drop-down menu under "Sharing":

  1. Private. Only visible to you.
  2. Chosen unit. Only visible to instructors in the selected unit.
  3. Instructors in my organisation. Makes the program visible to all instructors in your organisation.
  4. Contacts and instructors in my org. Will be visible to authorized contacts and all instructors in your organisation.
  5. Global. Share your program with all instructors across ExorLive.


Templates you save are locked/signed automatically. This prevents other users from making changes to your template. If you wish to unlock the template, click the info button efter opening the template. Removing the lock/signature makes it possible for other users to make changes to the template. Remember to lock your template again if you wish to prevent further edits after the changes in question are done.





Share the exercise program

You can share your exercise program in many ways:

  1. Print
  2. Send by Email
  3. Give it through the Exercise App - ExorLive Go
  4. Share a video-link or URL 

You can also create and share a playlist of the programme exercises through the videoplayer.

Without a contact in focus:


With a contact in focus:



You can customise your print to suit your needs. Pick a font size and how many exercises you want per page and the program will do the rest.



You can click "More Settings" if you want to adjust additional details:




Send by Email

 You can send the exercise program by Email. The program will then be attached as a PDF-file.

Add your own image to a program

It is possible to add your own custom image to a training program. Simply press the information icon (i) next to the program's title and then click on the drawn image already in there. Select "Upload Image" and upload your own custom image (jpeg or png) that will be for this program only.

Press "x" to return and select save.

This will not affect the images on the individual exercises within the program.





ExorLive Go 

You can share your program with new contacts by clicking the App button in the list of sharing options. This will let you personalize a message to send along with with the invitation. Your contact can create a username and password tied to your ExorLive license if they follow the instructions in the Email. Any future programs you make for this contact, only needs to be saved and the program will automatically appear in their App.




Share video 

You can share a video of the training program by clicking  and then :

This allows you to share a video link with these options: