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Find exercises and exercise programs

In ExorLive, you can find exercises and exercise programs in a single query.

You can use both text search or filter search.



You can also combine both text and filter search.

Text search 

In text search, you can write the keywords that you associate with a exercise, such as:


ExorLive has integrated dictionaries for both spelling and synonyms, as well as different types of tags - so it will be easy for you to find the exercises and exercise programs you are looking for. You will also notice that the exercises you use will be more visible than exercises you do not use as much.

Other examples of keywords:

  • Squat
  • hip strength without equipment
  • hip adductors
  • ankle stability
  • strength knee child
  • hamstring stretch

Filter search

In filter search you can choose to filter exercises and exercise programs from the categories:

 Here is an example of a filter search in three steps:

  1. Choose  "Shoulder - external rotators" in the category “exercise focus”
  2. Choose the exercise type “mobility”
  3. Then choose without equipment

You will get results in all three steps.

Favorite filter

You can always press the favorite filter to find your favorite exercises and exercise programs:


 = favorite filter not active

favorite filter active

You choose an exercise or an exercise program as favorite by pressing the star:

Display of search results 

earch results appear as exercises and exercise programs:

The number indicated is the number of exercises/workouts in the search-hit. "+" means that

under exercise program it's possible to choose from:

All, My, My Organization, ExorLive Proposed exercises (suggestions from ExorLive team and Globally published by someone somewhere in the world).

When you move the mouse over an exercise (or press the touch screen), you will have the following possibilities:

 Add exercise

 Play exercise-video

 See exercise details

 Find alternatives to this exercise

Find progression options (more advanced / easier exercises)


 Add exercises from the program

 Open this program

 Play rehearsal video from program

 See more details about the program

 Find alternatives to this exercise

 Find progression options (more advanced / easier program)




Sorting search results 

You can change the sorting by clicking on, sorting button "AZ":


Reaserch search / filter choices 

Remove a filter selection by pressing the "x" 


You can reset all filter selections / search in two ways

1) by pressing the "Reset".

2) Or you can reset the filter selection / search by pressing "X" in the search field:

Note: when the filter icon is marked orange as shown above, it means that a filter is active and can be reset by pressing "X". 


Other ways to find and open training programs 

You can also find and open exercise programs by clicking Open:



You can then choose to open

  1. Exercise program for a contact
  2. Suggestions / Templates
  3. Individual training


Add your own exercise

  • If you can not find the exercise you're looking for, then you can add your own exercises by searching the "Blank" exercise, which you put into your exercise program and enter the desired description.
  • or by send picture / drawing and description to [email protected] Then we will add the exercise for you with illustration and description, and make sure it is tagged with the right words so it will make it easy to find again. In addition, we make videos and images / illustrations of the exercise. And best of all: it does not cost anything :)


Add exercises and open exercise programs 

Once you've found an exercise you wish to add in a exercise program, do the following:

Either press the "+" sign, or "drag & drop" exercises into the exercise program cell

You open the full exercise program by pressing:


You also have these following options:

 Add exercises from the program

 See more details about the program


When you select: "See more details about the program," then you'll see the following:


Here you can choose to open the program, or extract single exercises.

Training data of the exercise of the selected program will automatically follow.