Create and share exercise programmes in 1-2-3

Creating an exercise programme is easy!

This is what you do:


  1. Find and add exercises
  2. Edit
  3. Share


How to create an exercise programme: 

 How to share the programme:



1. First, find an exercise and drag it into the training field.


You can either press the "+" sign, or "drag & drop" the exercise into the training field.


2. Once you have found the exercises you want, you can adjust the order and exercise details.


  1. Now you can share the program:


You can print it out, send it via E-Mail or save it. In addition, you can create a small training video by pressing "Play", which can be shared.

If you have a contact selected, you can also share your exercise programme by giving your contact the "App", ie a Fitness App which your contact is allowed access to view and perform their exercise programme on their mobile/tablet/PC

 You may save the program to a contact by pressing "Save As".