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Print Layout

Get an introduction:


First, you have to make an exercise program in ExorLive by adding exercises. Click here to see how you create a program.

You can edit the execution and the description of an exercise and it will show on the print. You will never lose any of the descriptions, because it adapts to the print layout.

Make changes to a specific exercise:

This is how it will appear on the print-out:

PS: If the description is too long, the exercise might be pushed to the next page. This is to ensure that nothing gets lost.

To print, you need to save the exercise program and click 


The layout of the print menu:

Here you can choose between 1, 2, 3, 4(table and grid), 6(table and grid), 8, 10, 12 and 14 exercises per page.

The font size is resized automatically depending on the layout settings, but you can adjust how big/small, you want your text.

You can choose if the anatomy figure is going to appear or be hidden on the print.


If you click "More settings", you will have the option to customize the print layout even more:


  • You can choose between Open Sans or Arial font
  • You can choose to show the name of your unit or organisation in "Name of organisation on print" - or simply choose to hide the name.

You can also choose to show/hide:

  • Exercise name,
  • Illustration of the exercise,
  • Who the program is made by,
  • Who the program is made for,
  • Signature of the person who made the program (click here to see how to sign an exercise program),
  • Number of exercises in the chosen exercise program,
  • Exercise Id (every exercise in ExorLive has its own Id number),
  • Exercise data (how many reps and set, among other options),
  • Execution and tips (description of the specific exercise),
  • Additional information and unit description,
  • Footer and video link
  • Copy for archive, adds a page to the print for easy storage in your archive.


See some suggestions for how the print might look like:

6 exercises per page w/table, font size SMALL 

6 exercises per page w/grid, font size SMALLER 

14 exercises per page, font size SMALLEST 

1 exercise per page, font size BIGGEST