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Add a profile image to a contact

In ExorLive, you can add a profile image to a contact. This will make it easier to recognize each user in your contact list. 


Watch the instructions in this video:

Or, do the following steps to add an image: 

You need to open a contact information card to make any changes on a single user. You can do that in two different ways: 

  1. On the front page, you will find "Contacts and Activity" on the right side of the screen. Click on one of your contacts to open their contact information card. 

  2. In the top menu, under "Contacts", you will see a list over all the contacts and if you click on the "i" button, the contact information card will open. 




Thereafter you click on the avatar/icon (existing image, if there is one)on the left:



The following menu will then open: 

Here you can choose between: 

  • Upload image
  • Take picture
  • Delete image

Upload image 

Here you can upload an image from your computer 

Take picture

Here you can take a picture with your webcam

Delete image 

Here you can delete an existing image


When you have chosen the right image to use on this contact, you upload it and then "Save" on the contact card. The image will show like this on the contact card and also on the list on the front page: