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Lock/Sign Exercise Programs

Users can lock/sign a program by ticking the “Sign”-box, when saving a program.


This locks the exercise program, meaning that others can't edit and change it. A locked/signed program can be opened, but not edited. Instead, it will be saved as a new copy. It is registered, when the program was locked/signed and by whom.


Lock/signature and date for locking/signing is saved in the system and shows on the print-out.


The administrator can:

  • find an exercise program
  • choose a unit or a contact
  • edit the program if the signature isn’t correct

The reason for the change and the date is registered.


To delete a program, you must confirm it first. All changes are saved in the system.


You can save both locked/signed and unlocked/unsigned programs on a contact:


Templates can also be signed/locked:


This enables sharing of templates without others being able to make changes:


The system administrator and the author of a template can both unlock/remove a signature from a template. But a template connected to a contact can't be unlocked.


To unlock/remove a signature, open a program and click in the “I” button in the title-line. Choose “Remove Signature”