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Follow your contacts' progression and feedback

Contact Activity

You can see the latest activity by your contact in ExorLive. This means that you easily can follow your contacts' progression and feedback.


When you are logged in, the "contacts and activity" window on the right side of the screen, shows the latest activity for your contacts.

Click on "Show all" to go to the feedback and progression overview.

Use filters (four symbols under "Rapport type"), to sort the feedback by smiley or with messages only. 

You can easily write a message to your contact by clicking on "send message", schedule a follow-up and add it directly to your calendar. 




You can get an overview of each contact's overall exercise performance by clicking on "Activity log" next to Report type. Choose "Overview" in the drop-down menu.

In the overview report, you can see total burned calories, days and hours trained, and how many activities were completed with a happy, neutral or sad smiley. You can select a specific period of time or since the start.

You can see the statistics in a list format under the "Activity per unit" and "Activity per unit with instructors" entry. You can click "View Details" to see a list of the contacts in that unit. If you press "View Details" on a contact you'll be taken back to the activity log.



The video shows you how to follow progression and feedback, view plans, workouts and follow up.