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Exercises and Workouts on your Webpage / Blog

Inspire motion with ExorLive Player!

With ExorLive Player you can add video exercises and playlists to your blog or website.

See an example below on how ExorLive Player is used:

The use of videos are free, as long as the guidelines below are followed.


Sharing/embedding the video on your site:

1. Log into ExorLive (Don’t have ExorLive? Try ExorLive for free)
2. Open or create a workout plan
3. Click on the play-icon for the program or exercise and the video will appear
4. Click on ’Share’ i the top right corner (Figure 2)
5. Share training video in the preferred way:
    a. Social Media: Click on preferred icon (Figure 3)
    b. E-mail: Click on the email icon (Figure 4)
    c. Link: can be copied and posted anywhere, for example in a PowerPoint-
        presentation or on your blog (Figure 5)
    d. Wokrout video QR-codes can be printed to make your posters or flyers interactive
e. Add a workout video to your website (embedded)
          i. Click on the <>-icon to the right (Figure 6)
         ii. Copy the code (Figure 7)
        iii. Paste the code into the preferred location on your website

Choose a language
Default exercise language is based on your setting in ExorLive. If you want to change the language, change the following parameter in code generated:

...iframe src="" frameBorder="0" ...


Norwegian: &culture=nb-NO
Danish: &culture=da-DK
Swedish: &culture=sv-SE
English: &culture=en-US

Additional Features

hd If enabled, the ExorLive Player will play videos in HD.

autoplay With this enabled ExorLive Playes will start immediately.

repeat With this enabled ExorLive will replay videos continously.

rows The number of exercise-rows shown to the user

playall With this enabled ExorLive will play all workout videos once and stop when they are finished.

playallrepeat With this enabled ExorLive will play all exercise videos and then start over again.


The legal part:

These conditions apply to the free version of ExorLive Player. There are also other versions that can be customized to your needs. Please contact us for more information
By using ExorLive Player you agree to ExorLive terms:

  • The place you put ExorLive Player must be available for everyone on the internet (ie. you cannot put it behind a log in or similar)
  • You can not demand payment/earn money selling access to exercises
  • ExorLive must be credited for all videos (This is the code you retrieve from ExorLive, so you do not have to do anything)
  • If you publish the text from the exercises it must be rewritten*
The extended version of the terms and conditions can be found here

Rewriting the exercise text

*Duplicate content is a challenge online and something for instance Google is working on reducing.

We want to help providing more movement, but not to increase the amount of duplicate content on the web.
It is therefore not allowed to use the exercise text / descriptions. If you use text from the exercises you need to make this your own. Ie. minimum 40% of the content needs to be rewritten. More information about duplicity (duplicate content)
Unless you make the text your own, it can ultimately lead to you being excluded or receive lower positions in search engines.
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